Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Sunday Post

And we're back again after a long break! The reason we didn't blog as much as we did is because we're in high school now! Which is kind of making us busy to go out but we manage to have lunch today :3 Many things have changed on B though... B is now wearing braces and she cut her hair! 

By the way, we had lunch at Union (which is basically our all-time favorite restaurant). This restaurant is super recommended! Their foods are delicious and so are their desserts. Today we had kimchi fried rice and red velvet cake which we shared! It was superb you don't have to ask... Union made is well made. Oh, and if you go there make sure to try their Flaky Donut with Dulche de Leche sauce cause it's amazing! And here are our outfits for today...

Shirt - Topshop
Pants - Abercrombie & Fitch
Bracelet - Balenciaga
Shoes - Repetto
Bag - Celine

Shirt - Stradivarius
Pants - H&M
Bracelet - Balenciaga
Shoes - Plie
Bag - Coach