Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Kind Of Wonderful

Sunny day in Jakarta! B & E had lunch at Skye restaurant and the view was spectacular! This is the last time we'll be having lunch June. So B isn't going to meet E until 13th of July :( E is going to Singapore tomorrow and she'll be going home on June 12th, unfortunately B is going to go to the US on June 12th. We hoped that we'll meet each other in the airport but I guess not because B's flight is way earlier than E's. Oh yeah, and this is going to be our last post in June. 

What B's Wearing :
{Shirt, Sunglasses, & Shorts - Zara, Necklace, Watch, & Bangle - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag - Kate Spade, Shoes - Linea}

What E's Wearing :
{Jumpsuit - Roxy, Sunglasses, Necklace, & Bracelets - Stradivarius, Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ankle Boots - Zara} 

By the way, we used B's iPhone to took the pictures because they forbid a professional camera. iPhone qualities kind of sucks. 

Enjoy your summer,
Au Revoir!

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